Buddha-Mettā UK

Buddha-Mettā UK
Puja (chanting and meditation) 5am & 7pm, Dana (meal offering) 10:30am.

12 August 2011

A Deep Breath

 This past week here at The Old Engine Shed has been a wonderful time of practice that many people took advantage of.  We have enjoyed the serenity of this place and took every moment to live in meditation.  Some people choose to stay as overnight guests to have an even richer experience, while one of our friends choose to take a three day retreat here with us.  Morning chanting by the River Tyne, engaged group discussions, youngsters asking and learning how to do silent meditation, and a community life that feels vibrant and cheerful from sun up to sun down is just part of what we have been sharing here.
 The Carlisle Meditation group has continued to actively participate on Wednesdays and individually coming during the weeks, and our neighbours keep visiting for Pujas or to share in the Dana.  We have had day trips to the nearby towns as well as nearby Buddhist centres such as Kagyu Samye Ling Tibetan Centre and Throssel Hole Zen Abbey.  We are very grateful for what everyone has brought to this once empty and cold house.
  But in tune with impermanence, it is all coming to an end with a sunset Puja this evening and a sunrise Puja in the morning after which we will be on our way to Cambridge to start the Vassa.  We might have practised well, but this experience will not be easy to just let go of.  But with a deep breath we move on to the unknown...

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  1. thank you Bartek Lubaszka who brought this house to a warm home .m/h