Buddha-Mettā UK

Buddha-Mettā UK
Puja (chanting and meditation) 5am & 7pm, Dana (meal offering) 10:30am.

26 July 2011

The Shared Blessings of the Carlisle Meditation Group

On Sunday evening we had the pleasant surprise of having a few members from the Carlisle Meditation Group join us for the evening Puja.  Many of the Thai community also showed up which made for a nice full group.  The group invited us back to Carlise Wednesday evening and so we once again met at the Batcherby Community Centre to share the moments together is serene contentment.  I was asked to do a simple guided meditation and to my surprise it wasn't a total disaster.  The conversations opened up a little bit more this time and Luangpoh gave a teaching about Khamma and how important it is to work towards understanding it in our lives.  It gives us us matter-of-fact answers to a lot of questions we have about the world around us.  Luangpoh and I are in agreement about how special the relationship is between The Carlisle Meditation Group and the Buddha Metta Society and we hope that both sides feel they are already members of both.  Below is a wonderful letter written to us by a friend.


Than you for a wonderful ,evening in Carlisle today . I really enjoyed your speaking on the meditation.  I did not have to cycle to see you today .  Each time i meet you two nice people, i learn more about Buddhism which I find very useful for my life . I would like to spend more time with you and If you are willing, I could take you to see some amazing scenery or to the other temples...  

 kind regards ,sawadee cap 

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