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Buddha-Mettā UK
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24 July 2011

Updates about Pascal

Dear friends,

As many people will already know, Pascale has been seriously ill for some time.  She's had two operations in the last couple of weeks and is now home from hospital.  If you're wondering how she is and want to keep up to date with her progress, the website below gives regular updates.

Best wishes

Eileen Windridge  

We shared a wonderful evening with friends and family of Pascale de Beranger who is sick in hospital with lung cancer and is in much pain. We had a period of chanting, silent meditation, and then shared blessings. Luangpoh was able to visit her just before she went back into hospital for surgery and shared with her methods of dealing with her pain. He explained about his recent experience with his cobra bite and how he was able to move his mind away from the pain as if standing aside, and not personalizing the pain. He explained that if he did not do something quickly he would be overcome by pain and the poison would make it to his heart before he could make it to hospital. By concentrating his mind he was able to disassociate with the pain just enough to be able to take control of his body to squeeze the poison away. Through meditation, he explained to Pascale, she could concentrate the mind away from the pain enough to make it through her recovery more peacefully.


  1. Hi Luangpoh and Tan Bartek,
    We very much enjoyed sharing Dana with you on Friday 22nd July and the discussions which followed !
    We intend to visit again thsi coming Friday 29th July for Dana. We should arrive at 10.30am. I hope this is ok.
    Kind regards, Alan, May and little Alex.

  2. Hope to see you then. Take care till then.

  3. Great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.