Buddha-Mettā UK

Buddha-Mettā UK
Puja (chanting and meditation) 5am & 7pm, Dana (meal offering) 10:30am.

21 August 2012

A weekend meditation retreat
At Buddha Metta in Harston near Cambridge
led by Luang Poh Sudhiro
15 and 16 September 2012

All meditators welcome including complete beginners.
Luang Poh Sudhiro is a senior monk in the Thai Forest Tradition.  He spent many years practising in seclusion, but for the last ten years he has been active internationally, teaching especially in the UK and New Zealand
The sessions will run from 9.30am–5.00pm each day, and people can come to either or both days. The days will consist of sitting and walking meditation and meditation instruction especially for beginners, dhamma talks and time for questions and answers and will be largely in silence. 
***  Please bring food to share for lunch and a cushion or stool. ***
Chairs are available for those who need them.
The vihara is at 135 High Street, Harston, Cambridge CB22 7QD opposite the Porsche Centre. There is parking on site, or you can take bus 26.
No advance booking is necessary and there is no charge but donations towards the vihara are welcome. If you have any enquiries
phone Dick Allen on 01353 659082
or email : bodhi.d4@gmail.com

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