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Buddha-Mettā UK
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03 August 2012

Two More Monks

The Arrival of Two New Monks

Last month, at the end of July, two new monks arrived from Thailand: Luang Poh Sudhiro and Ajahn Surapon. The community here has warmly and joyfully welcomed them to their new home for the next few months.
Luang Poh, which means father in Thai, Sudhiro should be a familiar face to Cambridgites, but for those unfamiliar or forgetful, he has spent 28 years as a monk in the Thai Forest Tradition. He has battled malaria, cancer, and venomous snake bites, to mention only a few of the many obstacles he has had to face, during his illustrious and near-lethal life as a monk. What has sustained and continues to sustain him is his devotion to the Dhamma, the teachings that point a way to a deep and unshakeable inner peace. His English is excellent, and his heart is as bright and prismatic as a gem. 

Arriving a few days after Luang Poh was Ajahn Surapon. He ordained as a young boy at the age of thirteen and has been since for a total of twenty years. He grew up in Northeast Thailand and moved to Ayutthaya, an ancient capital of the Thai Kingdom, to continue his studies as a young man. After completing his studies, he moved to Bangkok and then later into a serene forest temple in a National Park where he teaches Sociology, focusing especially on Southeast Asian culture. Besides also speaking good English, he glows with joy. 

These two lovely monks, along with Than Khemacitto, will spend the rains-retreat here in Harston. Looks like Cambridge will have a nice little Sangha for the next few months.


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