Buddha-Mettā UK

Buddha-Mettā UK
Puja (chanting and meditation) 5am & 7pm, Dana (meal offering) 10:30am.

04 November 2012

A students perspective into a meditation retreat at Harston

Cycling to Harston isn't half as bad as one might think. There are
cycle paths all the way and a warm and welcoming atmosphere with
plenty of tea to look forward to at the end. It's certainly an unusual
way to spend a Saturday in Cambridge, at a Buddhist monastery. Just as
unusual as it's location, inside a typical English bungalow opposite a
porsche garage. It seems slightly ironic that the two should be in
such close proximity, but also appropiate, the counter action to the
consumerist culture is this. The universe always has a neat way of
balancing the world out. The retreats atmosphere is very relaxed, more
so than any other retreats I have been to. The schedule is open to the
individuals own practice, you can sit, walk, and lie down as you wish
without a rigid format. This is great for me, especially as it's quite
miserable outside, so I choose to stand or to sit on the sofa to rest
my body. Everyone seems to settle down into their own rhythm this way.
The Thai people arrive to prepare food at 11, and as usual it is like
eating at a restaurant, I try not to be too attached. In the afternoon
Ajahn Sudhiro gives a dhamma talk which is full of insight. I like the
way he uses his own experience of physicial pain through his disease
to remind us all of impermanence and to teach us to bear with and
witness conditions instead of react with aversion and hatred. I
consider it a great blessing he has come to Cambridge to teach and
share his presence with us. Tahn Bee, the younger American monk and a
highly disciplined meditator, is a gentle giant, him and Ajahn Sudhiro
seem to form an excellent partnership to uphold and protect the
Dhamma. Sadhu sadhu sadhu.

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